05.04.2023|By Daniel Mendoza|5 Minutes

When it comes to video production there is no “one size fits all” option. Each project is unique and its specific needs should always be taken into account when choosing the best approach. The main factors to consider when choosing the option that is best for you will be budget; size and type of project; timeline; and locations. Below is how we break down the three main options.

The One Man Band is exactly what it sounds like. One person running camera, sound, lighting and even directing. This is a lot of responsibility for one person and although it may seem tempting due to the low cost it will definitely be your project’s most limiting factor. One person doing it all will undoubtedly reach fatigue sooner and may be more likely to make mistakes without additional eyes on set. If your project is simple in terms of production then this may be a very cost effective way of generating content quickly and affordably. This option can be optimal for basic content creation to use on social media platforms as well as on your website.

A Skeleton Crew can be anywhere from two to five crew members. This takes all of the weight off of one individual and offers a very nimble approach to help things move quickly. This approach may still be hindered by the lack of full departments but it is a decent compromise as it still yields reasonable cost and effective results. If your project includes some complexities such as actors or models and multiple set ups, then this approach offers great value and nimbleness to move quickly without a great deal of obstruction to your business or the public depending on where you film. This option is well suited for basic scripted content as well as company about us promo videos.

With a Full Production Team you have actual departments tending to their respective specialties so this will yield the best creative results but getting there can be cumbersome at times and it will likely be the most costly approach. If you’ve ever seen images of an actual film set you know just how imposing this approach can be and how many resources it requires to accommodate such a large team. If your project is very complex and requires features such as complex lighting, multiple actors, choreography or stunts and production design, this option is best suited for those job. This approach is definitely prime for complex scripted content such as long format productions as well as commercial spots for broadcast or any advertising campaigns, specifically those targeted to national and international markets.

You can find a detailed breakdown of the various departments and crew positions here.

Historically, crew members working in the film/production industry spent their entire careers in their respective roles, or working their way up the department ranks until they reached their desired position. It is becoming fairly common now to be able to fill more than one role since it is almost entirely made up of independent contractors and it is the best way to stay busy enough to make a career of it. We believe there are pros and cons to both so it really isn’t a matter of right or wrong, but what is best for your project. The old adage “jack of all trades, master of none” is always worth noting but not every project requires mastery for every position. The flexibility and cost effectiveness of individuals filling more than one role is always worth considering for smaller businesses and productions.

Being based in the Phoenix, Arizona area, we have found that it is beneficial to offer flexible solutions to suit each client, project and budget. Our company’s approach is built around scalability allowing us to offer maximum value and successful outcomes. We continue working to find new ways to bring high level results to businesses of all sizes without breaking the bank. To learn more about your options and to maximize your investment in video production, please reach out to learn more about our approach!