We can’t emphasize enough the importance of good team dynamics. Putting together the right ingredients is crucial to developing the recipe for success. I have wanted to be a filmmaker for as long as I can remember but the challenge for me in my earlier years was always in finding others that were as passionate and motivated as myself.

Nick and I have worked together since 2011 on various types of projects. We started out filming live music events and eventually developed a video series called Songwriters Exposed, which showcased local musicians. We have worked on a few 48-hour film challenges that can prove to make or break any working relationship.


The thing about our working relationship has always been our honesty with one another. If there is something we aren’t comfortable with or if we have any uncertainties, we are sure to openly discuss it. We have similar personalities and even share similar past experiences that have come to shape us in regards to what are willing to deal with and what we are not going to tolerate.


Though we may at times have differing approaches, the fact that we are vocal about our ideas and feelings has been critical. Sharing a strong work ethic has been equally important since neither one of us is left doing most of the work. We both like to get in the trenches and get things done.

Diego has been a friend since 1997, long before we could have imagined we would find ourselves immersed in commercial filmmaking. Back then he was going to college to be a Sound Engineer and we spent most of free our time playing soccer. It wasn’t until about 2008 or so that we worked on our first film project together, and wouldn’t you know that it was a 48-hour film challenge, a rather unique experience in itself worthy of its own blog post.


Diego’s passion for taking on some of the more technical tasks such as motion graphics and after effects compositions has been a blessing. He is always looking for ways to bring more value to every project and be as well rounded a filmmaker as possible, a trait that has proven to be significant to the team.


When searching for the additional pieces to complete the team puzzle, we are always looking for individuals that share the mindset and work ethic we bring to every production. Our unwillingness to settle for mediocre has been paramount and we are constantly pushing ourselves to improve so that the term “good enough” is never an acceptable statement on productions.