In February of 2017 we made the trek out to Paso Robles to film some compelling pieces for our very first vineyard. The objective was to showcase their partnership with a well-known steakhouse chain as well as capture the various seasons of the vineyard.

We were taken aback by the beauty of the region when perched upon the top of the mountain where the architecturally stunning Tasting Room sits. We learned all about the soil and certainly felt the passion the winemaker has for creating some truly impressive wines that have earned international acclaim.




For these trips we ran a two-man crew to remain agile while keeping our footprint small enough so as to not interfere with the workflow of the vineyard. Nick and I kept things moving and captured some truly incredible content that led to some powerful films. Our Canon C300Mkll was the workhorse on set and never fails to deliver stunning results.



We filmed from sunrise to dusk on numerous occasions only to be rewarded by some truly spectacular skylines. Nature encompassed the surroundings and at times we felt we were filming for National Geographic as the sight of vultures hovering overhead in search of food while the lush gardens drew in endless hummingbirds and butterflies as well as a swarm of bees.


To reward ourselves for a successful production, we drove back home along the coast and stopped at some great beaches along the way to get some footage for our personal archives. Despite the long journey home, the trip was fruitful and the vineyard owners were beyond pleased with the result of what we were able to put together for them. It wasn’t long before we were planning our next trip back to film additional content, which we will go over in a separate post.